These are some examples of the boxes that we have created and can be built for our customers.

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This is a display case for a Zippo lighter collection. Made from Red Oak with Espresso stain, Walnut Danish Oil, and Dark Furniture Wax. The front glass slides vertically out of the case to access the lighters with the handle seamlessly integrated into the the top matching the mitered corners and splines.

Coffin Lock Box. Small coffin box made from cherry with half-mortise lock.The wood for the top was made with reclaimed cherry from the floor of a barn.

Personal project – Bible Box for storing some Bibles that have been passed down from my paternal grandmother and great-grandmother. Solid cherry with solid frame and panel lid. Walnut splines and walnut feet, interior picture frame is also, you guessed it, walnut. Bottom is walnut plywood. Both the cherry and walnut were milled into lumber from logs given to me by various people.Finished with a seal coat of poly and then buffed out with orange oil and beeswax combo. The royal blue for the tassel was chosen for it’s consideration as a “heavenly” color – Numbers 15:38-40.

Size is approximately 5 1/4 x 10 x 15 with a half-mortise box lock from Horton Brasses.

Notebook box made from 1/2″ solid cherry with latch for a lock. Frame and panel lid opens from short side . Size is 4 1/2″ T x 10 1/2″ W x 12 3/4″ L

Commissioned from Etsy.

notebookbox03 notebookbox02 notebookbox05 notebookbox04

This solid cherry and hickory lock box has a secret…! A small hidden drawer that is pulled out once the right side of the box is slid upwards. Great for hiding cash, flash drives, small electronics or virtually anything you can think of. Interior of the box and drawer are both lined with earth-toned felt. Clear coat natural finish. The brass hinges have a built in 90 degree stop.

Materials: Cherry, hickory, brass hardware
Box Dimensions: 11″ W x 6 1/2″ D x 4 1/2″ H
Drawer Interior Dimensions: 4 3/4″ W x 8″ D x 3/4″ H

cherry_hickory_01 cherry_hickory_02 cherry_hickory_03 cherry_hickory_04

Rustic Carved White Oak Box

Very unique, rustic, reclaimed white oak box.

This box was ‘carved’ from a single piece of a white oak beam that I removed from a barn that was at least fifty years old. The section of the beam that this box comes from had the corners worn smooth from livestock rubbing against it over many years. The carving was done by hand-held router and carving bit. Voids in the inside bottom have been filled with epoxy and sanded smooth. A hand-forged handle completes the rustic look.

Finish is a combination of boiled linseed oil, hand-rubbed polyurethane, and orange oil with beeswax.
IMGP2091 IMGP2090 IMGP2093

Pen/pencil/keepsake box made from 1/2 cherry. Clear Tung Oil varnish finish with brass hardware.
Commissoned from Etsy store. Includes secret compartment under a false bottom and a secret drawer is revealed when the side of the box slides up.

cherry_secret01 cherry_secret02 cherry_secret03 cherry_secret05 cherry_secret04

Cherry and oak paneled lock box.

Made from solid 1/2″ cherry and 1/4″ oak panel. Antique brass hardware.

Clear finish
Dimensions: 12″ W x 6″ D x 4″ H

cherry-oak-lock-box-01 cherry-oak-lock-box-03 cherry-oak-lock-box-04

Red Oak and Walnut Box

The splines for the mitered corners of this box are made from Walnut. The splines in the back also serve as rails for removing the back of the box to reveal a hidden drawer that is released from the underside of the box. The oak for the body of the box was cut to allow the grain of the wood to flow around the front and sides of the box.

IMGP1958 IMGP1964 IMGP1965 IMGP1966 IMGP1967

Medium size lock-box made from pine.

False bottom and the right side of the box is nested in grooves. When pulled up it reveals a hidden compartment with a drawer that slides out. Design inspired by 19th century tea caddies.

IMGP1955 IMGP1956 IMGP1957

Red oak box  For love-offering at church.

IMGP1936 IMGP1937 IMGP1938

Large reclaimed white oak and walnut box.

Raised panel top with walnut miter keys. Buckskin interior.

IMGP1919 IMGP1604

Small white oak and maple ring box

IMGP1911 IMGP1912

Medium reclaimed pine keepsake/recipe box.

IMGP1917 IMGP1918

Medium red oak and walnut keepsake box. Box joint construction.

Oak and Walnut Box IMGP1368

Large walnut keepsake box.

Made from locally harvested walnut

2012-09-15 07.49.52 2012-09-15 07.50.16

Medium cherry and white oak keepsake box.

Hand-cut dovetails with removable inner box – hidden compartment underneath the interior box!

2012-09-23 07.50.01 2012-09-23 07.49.43 2012-09-23 07.50.40