Personal Care

Introducing a new line of personal care products and accessories made from wood. All products are made with a combination of hand and power tools.  The wood has to be properly cleaned and milled before it can begin to be used for any project. Whenever possible I try to use locally sourced reclaimed wood for projects and supply can be limited due to availability of the reclaimed material. This project was inspired by a conversation with a friend after dinner one evening as we discussed beard care and woodworking.

Wooden Beard Combs. Enjoy the warmth and feel of natural wood. Beard combs are finished with food grade mineral oil to seal the grain and highlight the natural beauty of the reclaimed wood.


Coffin Shaped Beard Combs. The same as our wooden beard combs but shaped like a coffin in honor of our coffin making division Victory Coffin Company.

Soap Trays.

Soap dish/tray made from a solid block of reclaimed cherry wood. Finished with food-grade mineral oil. A great addition to any bathroom for anyone that appreciates the warmth of natural wood products. Please note that reclaimed wood can contain small defects such as nail and worm holes which do not affect the integrity of the wood.